Transmission problems are something that most of us as vehicle owners have heard of but hope to avoid in our car's lifetime. If you haven't stayed on track with your vehicle's regular maintenance or you have a much older vehicle, you may find yourself facing transmission issues that may require repair or replacement.

If your vehicle has been diagnosed and you have discovered that your vehicle's transmission is severely damaged and needs a complete overhaul, you may be considering your options and how much each of your options will cost you. You have probably heard a couple of terms, including transmission repair, replacement, and rebuild. What do each of them mean and what are the comparisons in terms of cost?

Transmission Repair - Transmission repair is usually recommended if just one or a few components of the transmission need to be replaced. This will consist of just repairing those parts that need to be repaired on your original transmission to fix any issues. This is typically not as costly as a replacement or rebuild, but it depends on the amount of parts that need to be repaired and how severely damaged your transmission is. In some cases, it may not even be an option.

Transmission Replacement - A transmission replacement means that your old transmission will be recycled and a new transmission will be placed into your vehicle. This is required when your vehicle's transmission is completely damaged and has no chance of being repaired in a costly manner.

Transmission Rebuild - A transmission rebuild is an option that you may have but will require a specialty repair shop to complete. In this instance, your original transmission will be removed and will be completely rebuilt to work as good as new. This process can be costly, however it can be less expensive than purchasing an entirely new transmission.

The best thing to do when deciding which option is best for your vehicle is to consult with your local trusted auto repair shop for assistance. Be sure to mention your future plans for your vehicle and your budget. If your car won't be around for much longer, you may even consider getting a new car rather than putting money into your old car.

Written by AC Auto Service Center