Potholes are a common aftermath of the wet season. Water and ice tend to seep through to the soil's structure, weakening the pavement above, thereby causing road imperfections. Unfortunately, these road imperfections are a hazard to our vehicles, especially if you hit them at high speeds.

Here are some of the vehicle parts that potholes can damage:


Considering they are the only part of the car that is in contact with the road, it is not surprising that tires are one of the parts that bear the brunt of the damage. Potholes with sharp hard edges compress the tire against the wheel on impact and snap the belts that hold the tire together and slice at the rubber. As a result, your tires will need to be replaced.


A vehicle's suspension system connects the body to the wheels allowing for relative motion. The system is also designed to absorb shocks and impacts to provide a smooth riding experience. However, constantly exposing your vehicle to potholes jeopardizes the suspension system leading to damaged shocks, misalignment, and broken ball joints. Potholes damage your vehicle's suspension system and necessitate frequent checkups.


The control arms keep the vehicle's wheels in a vertical position when the suspension bounces. The impact of a severe pothole can bend the control arm. This destabilizes your steering wheel's center and affects how it reacts. It also causes uneven wear and tear of your tires.


The positioning of the exhaust pipes makes them susceptible to damage when your vehicle hits potholes. You may experience it as unpleasant noises or a loss of power. When your car hits potholes, the undercarriage scrapes the road and dents or tears a home in the exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, or muffler. This may lead to exhaust fumes entering the cabin, causing a potential health hazard.


If you have a low car, potholes raise the risk of breaking or twisting the car's body. Generally, when a vehicle is lower, it is better to handle. However, it also increases the risk of incurring damage from potholes. Potholes will scrape against the side skirts and bumpers, incurring cosmetic damage.

Damage incurred from hitting potholes affects the overall performance of your vehicle and driving experience. Even though it is impossible to avoid all potholes, you can reduce the number of times you hit them by slowing down. Get in touch with our auto repair shop today for wheel alignment and suspension repair.

Written by AC Auto Service Center