Have you ever heard the term "30-60-90 service plan?" What about the "factory scheduled maintenance plan?" These terms are pretty much the same thing, and they both refer to the auto maintenance schedule that car manufacturers plan for your vehicle. The reason the program covers these three numbers is simple. The interval between each maintenance service is roughly 30,000 miles. Many people see this program as optional, considering their vehicle might seem like it's working fine.

However, the service is essential for the long-term health and condition of your car or truck. So now that you have an idea of what the 30-60-90-maintenance plan is, you might wonder how important it is and what type of services it may include.

Your factory maintenance schedule is more important than you might think. Here's why you should stay on top of it:

  • Your warranty may demand it. Some car companies emphasize 30/60/90K maintenance that not abiding by the schedule could void your vehicle warranty entirely.
  • It can help you detect problems early on. Regular maintenance can help you discover problems early on and when they're minor. This can save you from an expensive repair bill or even vehicle breakdowns.
  • It can prolong the life of your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps your running smoothly and efficiently, which translates to more miles over its existence.
  • It helps preserve your vehicle's value. If you decide to sell or trade your car later on, you may sell it higher than the market value if it is in great shape.

  • What's Included in this Maintenance?

    Typically, the first step that the technician will do is give your vehicle a very detailed inspection of your car's major systems. He/she will look for any signs of trouble or parts that need to be replaced. The maintenance also generally includes various services, including changing the oil, replacing spark plugs and filters, checking all the fluids and flushing them or topping them off, rotating tires, and examining your hoses and belts for damage. If the technician finds any issues, then they'll notify you of the necessary repairs.

    As your car gets older, it's more probable it will need additional maintenance and service. For instance, the timing belt is usually exchanged at 90,000-100,000 miles. Therefore, the services recommended might be a little more complicated later on in the vehicle's life. At AC Auto Service Center, we go beyond the 30/60/90 model and comply with the 30/60/90/120 model because we believe an aging car still needs care!

    For top-of-the-line quality auto maintenance and repair in Winston Salem, NC, come by AC Auto Service Center. Our service team offers five-star customer service and is committed to customer satisfaction. If you require a factory scheduled maintenance soon, please give us a call or visit.

    Written by AC Auto Service Center