There's nothing better than the feeling of hopping into a sparkling, clean car. At first, car detailing might seem like washing your vehicle or "giving it that extra shine." However, there are various benefits of car detailing that extend beyond an average car wash. Let's go into detail (no pun intended) on car detailing and what the services and benefits include.


Car detailing is a deep cleaning of a car to make it look as close to new as possible. The standard is to correct every single detail on both the interior and exterior. The process usually includes the following:

  • Complete hand wash and dry
  • Removal of all bugs, tar, and sap from the exterior
  • Clean and gloss tires and rims
  • Application of wax
  • Interior vacuum
  • Floor mat cleaning
  • Clean and condition on leather surfaces
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Shampooing carpets
  • Deodorize interior
  • and more.

  • Benefits of Car Detailing

    Increases Resale Value

    A professional detailing job can remove minor imperfections on your car. If you bought a brand new car, having it detailed regularly will make it easier to trade in or sell. Studies show that you may be sold for up to 15% more than your vehicle's average resale value if you have your car detailed right before listing it.

    Eliminates Foul Odors & Germs

    Your vehicle houses an infinite amount of germs and bacteria (believe it or not). Over time, the inside of your car can also develop an odor, especially if you like to munch in the car. Allowing all the debris and odors to build up and circulate through your vehicle can be damaging to your health. At AC Auto Service Center, we will disinfect all surfaces and keep allergens at bay.

    Gives You Confidence

    Having a clean and fresh car will make you seem groomed and professional. It will give you an extra confidence boost next time you have a guest passenger in your car.

    As mentioned before, auto detailing is not the same thing as a car wash. It is advised that you get auto detailing at least once a year to preserve your automobile. When you have detailing done by professionals at AC Auto Service Center, your vehicle will be restored to like-new condition. Come by our shop today to have your car sparkly, clean.

    Written by AC Auto Service Center