Every car owner desires to have their vehicles free from any mechanical problems. No one wants to drive around with a squeaking noise coming from their car, or spend money on major repairs.

The suspension system ensures that your vehicle's ride is smooth and controlled. An issue with the suspension system can leave you with a bumpy ride, and can start to affect other components. Below are some of the signs you should have your car's suspension system inspected:

Signs you need suspension repair:

Difficulty in steering

You know it's time to change your suspensions when you start experiencing difficulty in steering your vehicle. Remember, your vehicle's steering wheel and suspensions are linked together for better performance. The steering wheel often becomes very stiff, challenging to make turns, and may sometimes be accompanied by unusual irritating noises.

Your car taking nose dives

When trying to stop your car and you notice its nose continuously moving forward is an indicator that you need to change your suspension. This happens when your vehicle's shocks are worn out. It also becomes impossible for the vehicle to remain stable against the centrifugal force. As the operator of your vehicle, you may not see this physically but you can feel some wobbling effect

Rough rides that are unusual

Rough rides are a common indicator for shocks and suspensions that need to be replaced. Your vehicle feels uncomfortable for every bump that it goes through and sometimes worse while driving on rough roads. You may decide to do the bounce test on the vehicle to confirm this. For the bounce test, you have to park your car then apply your weight pressure on either the front part or the rear part. Should it incur more bounces after releasing the initial pressure you applied, then it needs to be checked up as it is an indicator that its suspensions are worn out.

Uneven tire treads

This suggests that you need to pay attention to some components of your car. In most cases, the suspension system components. You may notice some balding spots too on your tires if the car's suspension does not hold the car evenly. This eventually causes more pressure not evenly distributed making your tires wear out unequally.

If you need suspension repair for your vehicle, do not hesitate. We invite you to bring it to our auto repair shop today!

Written by AC Auto Service Center