If you drive a vehicle that is nearing its tenth year of life, you may be wondering how long cars are meant to last. Is there an expiration date, or will your car run until it breaks down and can't be repaired? On average, a vehicle will last over 11 years on the road. With proper maintenance and care, your vehicle can last even longer. Of course, the lifespan will depend upon the make, model, and year of your car and your own driving habits. With newer vehicles, they may be able to last much longer than previous cars which we will understand better in the future.

It may be no surprise, but trucks and SUVs tend to have the longest lifespan out of all types of vehicles. However, regardless of what vehicle you own and drive, understanding the measures that you can take as a vehicle owner to increase your vehicle's lifespan are important.

Did you know that the longest running vehicle has been on the road for 48 total years and has driven over 3 million miles? It's possible! Here are some of the ways that you can increase your vehicle's life:

  • Drive less
  • Follow the maintenance outlined in your factory recommendations
  • Use high quality fluids
  • Change fluids regularly
  • Have regular inspections performed to catch issues early on
  • Wash your vehicle regularly

  • These are some of the top tips for maintaining a lasting vehicle. The most important components that need to be taken good care of include the engine and transmission. Major issues with either the engine or transmission can cost you thousands to repair, which can in turn make you question whether or not you should just get a new vehicle.

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    Written by AC Auto Service Center