We spend an increasing amount of time in our cars as commutes take longer and our work gets farther away from our homes. Coupled with the number of errands we run, our time in the car steadily increases. Think about your vehicle as a part of your home, although it is a mobile unit, our family spends time there, and we would like everything to be at our fingertips when needed.

Distractions are dangerous when out on the road with other drivers. Keeping the number of distractions at bay increases our safety. It is nice to know where everything is and know that it is secure. It feels good knowing where everything is, and it also can help keep you safe. Avoiding distractions will help keep you alert to your surroundings and your eyes on the road. Have you or your friends been in a car accident where something in the car flew, causing a severe impact? This hazard can easily be avoided by having secure storage locations for items in your vehicle. It is a simple thing you can do to keep you and your family safe when out on the road.

Knowing what items are in your car is vital when it comes to your registration, sunglasses, or writing utensils are when push comes to shove. Having an emergency car kit stored in your car is not only a responsible choice, but it is also sure to help you when the time comes, and you need it; it can make the difference in your safety.

Something we don't think about much is the weight inside your car. Having a car full of stuff can be hard on your fuel economy. Lightening your load offers added safety, as well as improved fuel efficiency when you are traveling. Take the time to think about what you need in your car. Pack what you need to take rather than what you want, might help you see if there is a compromise you are willing to make.

With an organized car, offering a ride to others becomes a breeze. Sometimes we find ourselves in a group, and suddenly there is a need for a car shuffle. It sure feels good to know that your new passenger has a seat available and that your car is clean and presentable. Plus, the state of your vehicle is a reflection of you, isn't it nice to feel pride in your presentation?

When you have organization in your car, cleaning is a breeze. A nice wipe down and vacuum only takes minutes. Cars can be gobble monsters, eating up our time and treasures. It is easy to "set it and forget it." When we lose things, misplace them, or forget that we already have them, we rebuy. We can avoid this with a little organization, so take a little time and head out to your car with a box or bag.

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Written by AC Auto Service Center