Congratulations. You are now a freshman! What's better, you are bringing your ride to college. Of course, your car will offer you the freedom and convenience most students crave while at college. You do not have to worry about moving around during breaks, and you can even plan for a relaxing road trip with your friends. Even so, it is crucial that you drop by an auto repair shop and have your car inspected and repaired to ensure it is ready for college. Here is one of the essential maintenance checklists to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape.


Besides engine oil, several other fluids keep your car running and performing at its best. Besides oil change, have your mechanic take a look at your vehicle's power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluids, to mention a few.


Are your tires well aligned? Are they well inflated? Or are they at risk of hydroplaning or blowing out? During the inspection service, the technician will check out any signs of irregular wearing, help you with wheel alignment and tire rotation. Keep in mind that tires are essential safety features, and as such, no problem, no matter how little or significant it might appear, should be left unattended.


Here is another crucial car safety feature. Ensure your braking system is thoroughly inspected to ensure every component works perfectly. If you have been using your car for quite some time, you are most probably aware of its usual noises, how the brake pads and pedals feel and how long they take to stop the vehicle. If you notice any unusual change – say like the pedal feeling extra soft or spongy or the car taking too long to stop, stop by an auto repair shop immediately.


You want to have comfortable and relaxing rides even when the weather changes. As such, you might want to ensure that the air conditioning and heating systems work perfectly if you're going to survive those cold winter mornings.

You will enjoy smooth and confident rides if you have a reliable mechanical exert to have a look at your car before you drive off to college. If you need professional car maintenance and repair services, we welcome you to drop by our auto repair shop and let the experts handle it.

Written by AC Auto Service Center