Your vehicle's battery is the energy storage device that produce electricity to start your vehicle and keep it running. The battery is what provides the electricity to actually operate the starter motor, ignition system, and fuel system. Once the engine is up and running, the alternator of the charging system will supply your electrical components with the electricity they need and it will also charge the battery by recycling energy as your vehicle travels.

If you've gotten into your car and your car won't start, you may be wondering if you need a car battery replacement? The answer is, maybe! While the issue could be with the battery itself, the issue could also stem from your vehicle starting system, bad spark plugs, and more. The typical car battery will last you between 3 to 5 years depending on the brand and quality. The best way to understand whether or not your battery needs to be replaced is by bringing your vehicle into the experts here at AC Auto Service Center for an inspection.

Here are some of the signs that you may need a battery replacement:

  • Car doesn't start. You hear a cranking noise, but nothing happens.
  • Your battery warning light has turned on
  • You notice that your vehicle's electrical components aren't working as they should, such as interior lights, power windows, power locks, radio, etc.

  • If you notice any of the issues above, we recommend getting your vehicle into the experts here at AC Auto Service Center for an inspection. What we will do is test your car's battery to see if it is indeed the culprit. This test will tell us what the battery charge is. If the issue doesn't appear to be the battery, then our experts will have to go into the starting and charging system to see if the issue lies with a different component, such as the alternator.

    We recommend that you get your battery issue resolved at the first sign of trouble to avoid getting stranded on the road with a vehicle that won't start. Here at AC Auto Service Center, we will make sure that the issue is fixed and that you get back on the road in no time.

    Written by AC Auto Service Center